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About Us

Rutra Study Link or better known as Rutra Medic is about unlocking the potential of medical science, business, information technology and multimedia through education. Providing excellent consultation services on education in a meaningful and effective manner is our commitment to students and parents.

Rutra Study Link was incorporated in Malaysia in 2004 and is registered with the Ministry of higher Education as a professional student recruitment agency providing educational consulting services. Kindly have a look at accreditation page for our company legitimacy.

Corporate History

A very small number of higher institutions offering medical studies in Malaysia back in 1990’s created the demand for students to seek medical education abroad mainly for its quality and cost. This opportunity was seized by Rutra Medic founder and acting Managing Director, Mr.S.Kugan by creating an alternative in achieving their dreams by creating a platform for students who struggle to get offers in global education. The stepping stone; in year 2002

Rutra Medic only operated as an enterprise. The successful turn out from all the hard work from only two acting members gave birth to Rutra Study Link as a private company in year 2004.Ever since we are now better known as Rutra Medic along with ever growing number of student placements and university partnerships. Rutra Medic is supported by a highly motivated team of educationists who are experienced and qualified to provide the required consultation and is backed by several renowned and internationally acclaimed Medical Universities in Russia, Indonesia and India. All Universities affiliated to Rutra Medic are recognized by the Public Service Department (JPA) and all other allied organizations. To date, we have successfully placed over 1000 students and feeling the atmosphere of their home coming as reputable professionals is the best achievement for us to cherish.

Our Profile

  1. Established Reputation and Track Record

    We have 10 years of education excellence and are renowned for our excellent consultation services and managing student’s welfare as one of our needs to assure parents for their children’s safety at all times.

    Our programmes are benchmarked against and conducted in close collaboration with world-renowned and top-rated partner universities.

  2. Don’t Lose Your Money!

    Students gain substantial savings by completing their FIS with the Rutra Medic Foundation in Science Scholarship Fund

    Education Loan applications are also guided and handled for those who need help. We have successfully coached parents with financial troubles to manage funding for children’s education.

  3. We are open and honest in all our dealings

    Transparency, being accurate and frank in all conversations and documentations build much stronger trust and friendliness among our students, parents, guardians, sponsors for whom we want to serve the best and plant the seed of Rutra Medic’s loyalty

  4. Our consultants are here long term

    Consultants always turn up to be siblings with our students and the second guardian appointed by the parents until their graduation. Being there at all times, knowing what is a parent’s concern, we can differentiate between ‘okey’, ’fine’ or‘awesome’. Experienced consultants are passionate about our students’ and parents’ need.



Rutra Study Link or better known as Rutra Medic is about unlocking the potential of medical science, business, information technology and multimedia through education